Small Business IT Solutions and Network Installations in Southampton, Hampshire

Planning, consulting and design to Installation & Upgrade

Having performed literally hundreds of server and network installations over the years, Century IT Services are experts in the installation of both hardware and software IT products.

Server and network installations

Installing an IT system can be a very complex and therefore daunting task. Century IT Services are with your business every step of the way from initial consultation of your business needs, to planning, design and installation.

Every installation is carried out efficiently, on time and on budget.

  • Computers, printers, servers, networks, cabling and wireless solutions
  • Email, Internet and mobile email solutions
  • Backup, anti-virus, anti-spam and antispyware software solutions
  • Office phone Solutions

  • I.T Support Contracts

    A uniquely tailored, fixed cost I.T Support Contract will ensure your computer network will be properly maintained with no unexpected costs – guaranteed.

    No hourly charge, We don’t charge for a block of hours and then charge you again

    We don’t subcontract, We do set an affordable yearly fixed cost to cover your whole I.T system, no matter what the problem


    User administration included as standard within our fix costs

    Monthly payment plans available

    Your own I.T department, We will work as a natural extension to your business


    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing centralises valuable servers and resources at a single physical location, remote and roaming users or remote offices can access the resources within this ‘cloud’ Often it is better to centralise servers at a single location with data and servers replicated at different physical locations

  • Are you ready for the cloud?
  • Are your applications compatible?
  • Do the numbers add up?
  • If you would like to know more Call us for free cloud analysis


    Proactive Monitoring

    If you are expecting your I.T System to run like clockwork then you will need your Servers, Computers and Network proactively monitored.

    Proactive monitoring provides alerts of problems with server, computer or network before they affect your ability to run your business.

    Answer these few questions to see if you need Proactive Monitoring

    1) How many successful data backups have you had in the last month and when did you last try a test restore?
    2) Are all of your computers or servers antivirus up to date?
    3) Are you aware of any predicted hardware failures on your network?
    4) When will you server run out of space? Next week? Next Month? Today?
    5) How many hacker attempts did you have yesterday and what was done to resolve?

    If you have any nagging doubts like these, ask us about our Proactive Monitoring solution

    Server Virtualisation

    Virtualisation is the modern way to manage multiple servers Virtualisation helps save you money on hardware and running costs as servers will share resources on a single piece of server hardware.


    We also provide group or one-to-one training across the range of SME-orientated IT solutions.

    Office Telephone Systems

    Voip phone system

    A phone system is the core of your business, talking to your suppliers and customers is critical.
    We supply approved equipment so that your communications are reliable.

    We can offer all types of phones to suit any pocket, budget phones to business phones, no problem.

    Our IP phone solution connects directly to VoIP providers who can supply calls that cost less, including calls to UK landlines, mobiles and International calls. All that and no line rental or setup fees make it a very attractive offer.

    So using a VoIP Based PBX phone system can save you money all round.

    Once we have specified, installed and configured your phone system our Century IT Phone System support will give you peace of mind.